Exante Broker Review

Exante is an international broker, whose proprietary trading platform provides investors with access to more than 400'000 financial products. The client can access more than 50 different markets from a single multi-currency account.

exante review

Evaluation of services

It is possible to evaluate a broker by the following factors

  • Reliability - 5
  • Utility of the service - 4
  • Diversity and quality of the product offer - 5
  • Client support - 5
  • Fees - 4

Based on these indicators, the final rating is 4.5.

Financial instruments traded by Exante

Customers have access to the following types of financial products:

  • Options.
  • Foundations.
  • Futures.
  • Precious metals.
  • Shares.
  • Currency pairs.
  • ETF.
  • Bonds.

Shares, funds

The platform makes available several thousand of these instruments across dozens of exchange markets.

Futures contracts

For example, this service allows you to trade several thousand futures contracts from multiple markets:

  • CME Group.
  • Eurex.
  • FORTS.


A diversification tool that allows you to manage investment periods while hedging directional positions. Options are available on:

  • Futures.
  • Shares.
  • Indicators.
  • Interest.


Investors can buy thousands of bonds through Exante.

Currency pairs

The company's clients can trade multiple currency pairs.


The product is suitable for investors and asset managers.


Exante is based in Malta and it first began its operations in 2011.

  • The broker was founded by Alexey Kirienko.
  • Gatis Eglitis is co-founded Exante in 2011 as the member of executive and investment committee in Malta. After five years, in 2016 Gatis transferred to the position of the managing partner of EXT ltd, being directly responsible for strategic planning and business development at Exante.
  • Anatoliy Knyazev and Vladimir Maslyakov worked on interface development and programming code.

Most users of the service live in Asian countries.

Trading platform

The EXANTE platform works on every device and it is organized on the basis of the modularity principle. The terminal has two modes of operation: automatic trading, manual trading.

PC version

The desktop version runs on computers with any operating system.

  • API connectivity is available for creating custom trading programs, market research and algorithmic trading using automated trading systems.
  • Friendly and intuitive UX
  • The platform is fully functional in 10 languages.
  • Possible to manage multiple accounts and currencies all from one profile
  • Drag-n-drop function that allows to simply drag and personalize the desired modules
  • Modules for analyzing individual markets: "board" option, possibility of searching for bonds.
  • Small selection of technical indicators placed in the "Chart" section. Only 29 indicators are available in Exante.
  • Users are not allowed to add their own or third party indicators themselves.

Mobile version

The mobile app works on both Android and iOS smartphones.

  • Friendly and intuitive UX
  • 13 different time intervals for exhibiting charts
  • Work with it in one of its 7 supported languages
  • Great degree of personalization
  • No "cup" with applications
  • Absence of chat with client support
  • Currently only 5 indicators for researching the chart

Tariffs and conditions of trade

Brokerage services are provided on these terms:

  • Shares on U.S. exchanges are trading at $0.02
  • Securities on the London Stock Exchange - 0.05% of the transaction amount
  • Shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange - 0.08% of transaction volume plus additional fees
  • Precious metals - 0.005% of the transaction amount
  • Futures and options on US exchanges - from $1.5
  • Securities on the Xetra platform - 0.05% of the transaction amount

Comparison with Saxo Bank and interactive brokers

This chart compares Exante to its main competitors.

Broker Minimum deposit value

Available exchanges Fees for equity transactions Terminal License Contact the technical support department


10 000 €

More than 50 renowned international exchanges, including the Moscow Exchange

American exchanges - $0.02 per security, Moscow exchanges - 0.02% of the transaction amount.


CySEC (Cyprus, EU)

Phone, e-mail, chat

Saxo Bank

10 000 $

59 international sites

Exchanges in the USA - USD 10 per transaction


FSA (Denmark)

Telephone, correspondence in the terminal

Interactive brokers


135 international markets

$1 per operation

Investor's workstation

SEC (America)

Telephone, correspondence on company website


It appears that the company is self-aware that its product is intended for those already fluent in the financial markets, looking for ways to step up their current investment game, by accessing a row of new instruments and functionalities. Moreover, it is convenient to have one trading account for all operations. Exante's proprietary trading terminal has a lot to offer for people with prior programming knowledge as well

Exante is the best option for international trading with low commissions. The minimum deposit amount is €10,000, so the broker cuts out novices and the occasional person.