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Alexey Kirienko

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Alexey Kirienko is the CEO at Exante Broker. He is one of the co-founders of the company, together with Gatis Eglitis and Anatoliy Knyazev.

Following his interest in mathematics and mathematical statistics (later manifested in interest in probability and game theory) Alexey Kirienko enrolled in university and obtained a Master's degree in Economics. Academically theoretical insights weren't sufficient for Alexey Kirienko, who was eager to apply his theoretical knowledge to real life. As a result, during his second year of college, he began trading with various securities. The field allowed Alexey Kirienko to try in practice all theories discussed in class, thus gradually he began developing evermore sophisticated investment strategies that continuously complemented his studies. As a result, by the fifth year of his studies, Alexey was already surpassing his peers by engaging in statistical arbitrage.

Trader's Experience

In 2001, Alexey Kirienko used his talent and insights in order to begin working as a trader, specializing in inter-exchange statistical arbitrage on futures contracts. Two years later, in 2003, he was promoted to work with derivatives trading on global markets. This was an indispensable experience that allowed Kirienko to develop an intuition for global trading as well as become convinced of the benefits derived from being able to diversify risk across multiple geographies. This thinking has always been central to Exante, which has strived to become a one-stop-shop for investors from all over the globe.

Exante Brokerage Company

In 2011, Alexey and Anatoliy met Gatis Eglitis and decided to use the opportunity and found Exante – a global investment company. This marks a turning point in all of the co-founders lives as already during the first months of operation, the company is quick to attract clients. Alexey Kirienko was the key developer of the company's business model. He worked on an idea that the most optimal solution for Exante is for the company, as a broker, to strive to serve as a middle man between investors, traders, and various exchanges all over the world.

Soon after the founding of the company in 2011, it obtained a MFSA - the Malta registration license. The three founders have always had large aspirations for Exante, so, without surprise, just a year after the founding of the company, it was already expanding its services to Cyprus. Moreover, in 2019, Exante obtained a license to operate in Hong Kong, thus marking an entrance in the Asian market.

In the 10 years since the launch of the company, it has managed to acquire more than thirty different prizes and awards across a variety of disciplines, including investment award, diversity in finance award, digital investment company of the year award and most recently – ‘Best Trading Platform’ and ‘Best CEO 2020/21’ from European Business Magazine. Celebrating the achievement Kirienko noted “I’m truly honored to be receiving this award from European Business Magazine. Not only does this reflect my passions and devotions, it stands as testament to the dedication of our employees, working tirelessly to ensure that we always remain ahead of the curve.” Jointly, these achievements indicate that Exante is a company that not only strives towards excellence in its product, but also highly values its employees and is eager for them to grow with the company.


Alexey Kirienko is also a notable expert on the topics of global financial markets and derivatives trading, as a result he has been invited as a speaker in a multitude of specialized conferences around the world. Apart from developing Exante, Kirienko uses his specialist eye to spot promising fintech startups in early stages.